Dear Fun Weekenders:

Welcome to Aaron's Corner. I look forward to meeting and hearing from many of you as I travel around the world. ...Away I go.

I started traveling in 1962 as a young US Navy sailor in Atsugi, Japan. I was eighteen years old and 10,000 miles away from home. My first month in country, I was playing basketball in the gym. One of the players, the base Chaplain asked, "How are you enjoying your stay in Japan?" I replied, "I haven't seen much nor do I know where to start." He said, "buy a camera and learn how to travel on the train." In a short time I could travel by train to Yokohama and Tokyo meeting and making new friendships as I traveled. I keep in touch with many of those friends today.

Completing eight years in the navy I got out in 1970; found employment as a machinist. Summer weekends were spent with the kids in Wildwood, New Jersey or Atlantic City, New Jersey on day trips. ...away we go. We enjoyed the beach, amusements and walking the boardwalk. If there was rain we would go to Steel Pier and enjoy the action inside.

Disney World opened in 1972. I owned a VW Beetle and was planning to drive down for Thanksgiving. Inter State 95 was not complete, drive time 18 hours. Renting a car helped the family have more comfort …away we go. It was a great trip and the memories will be with me forever. Each Thanksgiving there after the kids was always looking for some other place to travel. We heard about The Bahamas and on Thanksgiving, Nassau… away we go.

You can take the man out of the navy but can not take the navy out of the man. A family man with two children enjoyed traveling but wanted to go places alone. Miami Beach ...away I go. Many of you remember the Playboy Clubs around the country in the 70's, I was a key member and Miami had two Clubs. However, in those days the Wreak Bar at 167th on Collins Ave was the place to be. Each weekend Eastern Airline class of Flight Attendants would gather for a graduation party.

Eagles football, New Orleans ...away I go in 1974. The game was played in Tulane Stadium before the Super Dome was built. Upon my return to work many of my co-worked said, "the next time you go to an Eagles game let us know." The following year the Eagles played Miami in the Orange Bowl Stadium. ...Away I go. Returning home from Miami, as we were retrieving our bags one guy said, "Aaron that was a Fun Weekend."

There was plenty of time to travel. I was working rotating shift work. Every four weeks the crew was off for four days. Over the years I have traveled to many location in the USA and the Caribbean on long weekend.

Cancun in the winter and Bermuda in the summer are two of my picks for travelers looking for places to go. Las Vegas is a great place to travel on short notice and small budget.

In the Corner:

Downtown Disney has a House of Blues. On Sunday at 10:30AM and 1:00PM they have a gospel brunch. This is standard for House of Blue location in the USA.


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